Hardwood Flooring Services

Blue Ribbon Flooring specializes in hardwood flooring installation, reconstruction, remodeling, refinishing, recoating and any service that means bringing hardwood floors into your home. Each member of our team is trained and certified in a number of hardwood flooring techniques. We have installed and refinished thousands of homes throughout the Greater Sacramento region.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing includes removing a thin layer of your hardwood floors to get to a clean surface before we treat it with your desired stain and finish. The process takes about 2-3 days from start to finish. We provide all of the refinishing equipment, oils, labor, and cleanup. We’ve refinished thousands of homes in the Sacramento area.

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Hardwood Floor Installation

A new hardwood floor installation is a big investment that can last a lifetime if done right. Our crew has installed floors all across Sacramento and Northern California. From wood walkways to ornate floor designs to stairways to carousels to basketball courts, our team is specially trained in building hardwood floors of any size. We can provide an installation consultation that includes recommended wood, hardness, stains to match your home or business need.

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Hardwood Floor Recoating

Recoating is an option for homes that have worn floors, but no major damage. We provide a light abrasive to clear some of the existing finish and then reseal the floors to your desired look. Recoating can achieve the “new floor” look without the cost of refinishing and takes only a day to complete. Our rate is $1.50 a sq/ft of floor.

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Hand scraping and distressing

Hand scraping and distressing is a wood refinishing method that foregoes the power sanders and opts for a more conservative approach. The method is used on older floors that have significant wear and could be prone to breaking. Scraping is a far gentler technique that can be done with an assortment of blades to take very little off the floor boards, but also bring a new vibrancy to the patina and finish.


Patching hardwood floors is the art of removing unwanted gaps or broken floorboards and replacing a few key floorboards, as opposed to a complete installation. We will locate a close match in wood thickness, grain and species to match your existing floorboards. We will precisely fit the new boards to blend in with your floors and ensure the edges match the rest of your floor. Patching even a single board can be a time consuming process that requires several types of saws, experience removing the damaged boards and careful selection of the replacement type of wood. Trust Blue Ribbon Flooring with all your hardwood floor patching needs.

Custom Stains

Staining hardwood floors can be a complex process since different wood species display certain stain colors differently. If you are removing an existing finish, you’ll need to sand the wood until you reach an even base color of the wood to apply your new color. The amount of hardwood removal will be dependent on how deep the original stain was and if areas are unevenly matched. When applying a new stain, we carefully test the colors to perfectly match any existing floors.


Blue Ribbon Flooring can handle the required demolition of existing hardwood floors before new installation or custom carpentry is laid in. We take care to avoid damaging the subflooring and ensure that a clean base is ready for any new construction. We will safely dispose of the discarded flooring and use a HEPA vacuum to remove all dust and debris. Hardwood flooring demolition can be a potentially dangerous task if mold or toxins are found underneath the wood. Let our demolition experts bring in the required heavy machinery to safely and effortlessly remove your old flooring.

Baseboard Moldings

Blue Ribbon Floor can build every type of custom baseboards to match your hardwood floors. We can build custom shapes to any angle. If you don’t need custom moldings and wish to reuse your existing pieces, we can remove, or simply replace, your baseboard mouldings before installing or refinishing a new floor. This gives the recoating and floor installation a cleaner line at the edges of your floors. If you don’t remove your baseboards and decide to change the stain of your floor, you may be left with an uneven look at the corners of your room. Blue Ribbon Flooring can remove your baseboards before beginning work and then replace them after the job is complete. We pay special attention to keep your baseboards in as best shape as possible by using a variety of tools to pry away the baseboard without damaging them.

Stairways and Stairwells

Installing hardwood stair ways and stairwells can be a complex process that requires careful planning, precise cutting and detailed staining to deliver a result that stands the test of time of heavy usage. Poor stairway installation can result in steps squeaking, bending, wobbling or cracking under the heavy usage that is expected. Whether you are removing carpeting from your staircase or installing new hardwood stairs, our experts have installed thousands of staircases throughout the Sacramento area.

Installation of custom flooring

We can help restore or install custom flooring styles in a variety of traditional and more modern techniques. From parquetry to Chevron styles, mixed media to in-laid borders, we have experience with dozens of different custom flooring styles to enhance your home or business. Speak with our specialists to see an available catalog of all the methods we have at our disposal and to get an exact quote for your custom flooring project.