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Recoating can be a time and cost efficient alternative to refinishing. Recoating is basically refinishing Lite, in which we’ll lightly sand the top layers to remove light scratches and wear, apply a new coat and seal the finish, all within a day!

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Recoating: All In A Day’s Work



How Much Does Hardwood Recoating Cost?

Recoating cost is based on three factors:

1. Size of the rooms – we calculate the cost by square footage

2. The complexity of access – stairs and tricky corners require special handling

3. The number of coats – most refinishing jobs need 2 coats and sealant, but custom requests or combining colors require special handling.

For the average hardwood recoating job without any customization, the per square foot cost is $1.65. For extra large projects, we do lower rates on recoating. Simply speak with our sales team to get an estimate.

For a room that is 20×20 ft, the cost would be approximately $660

For a room that is 15×15, the cost would be approximately $370

To accurately estimate the cost of a recoating job, please contact our recoating specialists by clicking the link below.

How long after service can I walk on the floors?

Typical wait time is about 24 hours before you can walk on it with socks or bare feet. Wait another 24 hours before walking with shoes.

How many coats of finish are applied and is it water or oil based?

Usually, we add 1 coat of polyurethane, but occasionally, customers would prefer 2 coats, especially if it’s a heavy traffic area such as a kitchen. You may choose from 4 sheen levels: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin and Matte. Currently, satin is the most popular sheen.

How long does a Screen and recoat take?

Most jobs that have 2-3 rooms can be done in a single 10-12 hour day. If you are interested in a second coat, add 2 days (1 to dry and another to apply the second layer).

Is there a lot of dust with the screen and recoat?

There is no sanding during recoating. Your floors are just lightly buffed to abrade the existing finish allowing additional coats of finish to adhere. This gives your floor added protection and sheen.

What do I need to do in preparation for a recoat?

Remove objects from the room and place in an out of the way area. Light furniture can be moved as well, but we will help with the heavy lifting.

When should I recoat my floor?

When she sheen of your floors starts to fade and the floors look flat, a fresh coat can revive a room greatly.

How can I tell if my floors need a screen and recoat rather than a complete refinishing?

If there is heavy wear and tear, a refinishing is recommended to even out the surfaces. A screen and recoat is a cosmetic method that adds a clear coat of poly. Floors should be in a decent condition with the existing color in good shape. It will take care of minor scratches and dullness; it will not solve deep gauges nor scratches in the color.

What is a Screen and Recoat?

A screen and recoat is a non-invasive method where you buff/abrade the hardwood floors so that you can add an extra coat of polyurethane. It allows you to add sheen to floor and an extra layer of protection. It works if your floors are in good condition from a color perspective. It will not solve scratches through the color, but if your floors are in good shape, it will protect the color longer. It’s an affordable cosmetic maintenance method that isn’t messy. You have the option of making the floors shinier or less shiny – you can choose from matte, satin, semi-gloss or glossy finishes.